Friday, May 26, 2017
Welcome to the Sumner County Appraiser's Office
County Appraiser:  Cindy Magill, R.M.A. 

Office Location:
501 N Washington - Ground Floor
Wellington, KS 67152

Phone:  620-326-8986
Fax:      620-326-6103
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm
E-Mail Address:

 Now you can file your Sumner County Personal Property on-line!

   **Available for Individual and Commercial Accounts**

**Taxpayers can file 24/7 with the ability to add new items,  correct existing items and flag items  to delete**

 **System maintains audit of all changes**

**Eliminates the worry of forms being lost in the mail**

**Convenient and User Friendly**

**You will be able to view the rendition year round for reference**

**To use the system you must first enroll. Once your enrollment information is submitted, you will receive an email giving you your password** 

To Enroll Click on Online Filing at the top of this page and either call the Office at the number provided or send an email as instructed. 


2017 Market Study

Annual Re-Inspection


The Sumner County Appraiser's office is mandated by K.S.A. 79-1476 to physically inspect all real property in Sumner County every six years.
The purpose of this inspection is to verify that our data is current and represents the property accurately.  

The Appraiser's Office physically inspects approximately 17%of the real property located in the county each year.

*Starting Feb, 2017 the Appraiser Field Staff will be conducting re-inspections of properties in the following Cities and Townships...

·        City of Geuda Springs 

·        City of Mulvane

•      City of Oxford

·        Rural Areas of Sumner County

·        A Few Other Parcels Throughout Sumner County

 We would like to Thank everyone in the 2018 re-list areas for all their cooperation!

Please see the map below to see which sections of the county will be re-inspected during 2017.


Are you going to spend a minimum of $5000 to Build or remodel your residential, commercial or industrial property in Sumner County? Check out the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan before you get started.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is intended to promote the revitalization of the area of Sumner County through the rehabilitation, conservation or redevelopment of the area in order to protect the public health, safety or welfare of the residents of the County.

Construction of an improvement must have been commenced on or after July 1, 2004 the effective date of enactment of the tax rebate program. An application for rebate must be filed within 60 days of the issuance of a building permit. No building or remodeling can begin until the application for rebate has been filed with the appraiser’s office and a picture of the property has been taken. Pictures prior to rehabilitation projects will be taken by the County Appraiser’s Office. Pictures of new construction prior to beginning project will be taken by either the County Appraiser’s Office or the County Planning and Zoning Office. There must be a minimum investment of $5000 for residential, commercial and industrial property.

Go to the NRP Section of this Web site to get a complete explanation of the plan and to download the NRP forms.

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.