Sunday, May 27, 2018



The Sumner County Adult Detentions is a division of the Sumner County Sheriffs Office. It is staffed by one Jail Supervisor, one Jail Coordinator, and 7 Jail Officers. Over half of the staff have successfully completed the National Sheriffs Association Jail Officers Course.

The Jail Staff works three shifts with two or three Jail Officers on each shift. Upon each shift change the staff makes a walk-thru headcount and inspection of all the cells. Each cell is cleaned daily along with the entire jail by the inmates. The entire jail is monitored by closed circuit cameras that are recorded by tape. Any inmate caught defacing the jail is charged through the court system, the recorded tape is introduced as evidence against the inmate. In other words the inmates actions are recorded 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The jail is also equipped with an intercom system through out the facility. The system allows the jailer to not only watch the inmates but also to hear the inmates and speak with them without the jailer entering the cellblock.

Some inmates that are not violent offenders nor drug offenders are allowed in the work release program. This program allows the offender to work at his place of employment but still remain in jail. Each inmate in this program checks in and out with the jail staff upon leaving for work and returning from work. Work release inmates that are believed to have violated work release policy are removed from the program and placed in population lockdown. The sentencing judge is also informed of the offense by the work release inmate. Random on site checks are performed to ensure that the inmate is at work and following policy of the jail. It must also be noted that work release inmates "pay their own way" while in the program. Depending on the inmates work schedule, a fee is charged to the inmate for his jail housing and food.

During special events, such as the Wheat Festival and South Haven Fair, inmates that are not violent offenders are allowed to help cleanup trash etc after the event. These inmates are always escorted at all times.

When these inmates are returned to the jail each one is checked by Jail Staff for contraband etc.

Currently some of the staff are wrapping up the National Sheriffs Association Jail Officers Course. The course consisted of over 30 chapters with such topics as:

  • Correctional law
  • Management of infectious diseases
  • Escort of inmates
  • Drug withdrawal in the jail
  • Contraband control
  • Hostage incidents in the jail
  • Suicide prevention
  • Jail security principals
  • Legal rights and responsibilities
  • Psychological disorders:psychopathic and neurotic personalities

Upon receiving the Christmas box the Jail Staff will inspect each box for contraband.

Jail Chain of Command