Sumner County Employee Benefits

Sumner County Employee Benefits

Debra A. Norris

Office Hours/Information
Mon. through Fri. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
501 N. Washington, Rm 101
Wellington, KS 67152
Phone: 620-326-3395
Fax: 620-326-2116

Greetings from the Sumner County Clerk's Office;

We would like to welcome you to our informational pages on the Sumner County website.  Our intent is to provide the most common information requested from our office so that you may access it at your convenience of time and location. We hope that you find the information helpful.

The first information provided below lists a number of the various functions of the office. The County Clerk also serves as the County Election Officer. The duties of that position are listed below.

To the left we have a number of links to more specific information. The “Helpful Links” page also provides resource links to various State agencies and information that relate to the functions and duties of our office. Our intent is to provide quick and easy connections for your use to obtain needed information and/or documents.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • A brief overview of the primary duties and responsibilities of the County Clerk’s office are:
  • Service to the Public
  • Official Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners
  • Maintain the Board of County Commissioners’ official records and minutes of all meetings
  • Accounts Payable, Payroll and Personnel
  • Computes Tax Levies for all entities in Sumner County, of which there are seventy-two
  • Prepare Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Rolls
  • Prepare State Assessed, In Lieu of Tax and Special Assessment Tax Rolls
  • Balance and Distribute Motor Vehicle Tax
  • Serves as County Election Officer  (See below)
  • Homestead Preparation for the Elderly
  • Maintain Inventory and Fixed Assets
  • Maintain Tax Unit Maps
  • Handle Road Petitions/Vacations
  • Issue Hunting and Fishing Licenses/Permits
  • Real Estate transfer record
  • Prepares adjustments to original tax statement/tax roll. Abatements, Refunds and Added/Escaped Taxes

Election Officer Duties & Responsibilities

The County Clerk also serves as the County Election Officer. A sampling of the responsibilities as the County Election Officer is:

  • Central voter registration site for Sumner County
  • Maintains voter registration database
  • Generates voter registration lists and reports
  • Election Preparation
  • Accepts filings for public office
  • Prepares newspaper publications for elections
  • Reviews election laws
  • Prepares all certification of board workers to party chairs and individual board workers
  • Solicits election board workers, individuals to set-up polling sites, and advanced voting board workers, etc….
  • Prepares ballot proofs for ballot printing and scanner programming
  • Orders all ballot stock and voting supplies
  • Scan all ballots on election night
  • Prepares results and provisional ballots for County Board of Canvassers which convene the Friday following each election.
  • Certification of all election results to the public, media and Secretary of State
  • Prepares “Certification of Nomination” and “Certificate of Election” forms
  • Procure polling precinct sites

Term: The County Clerk is elected in November of the Presidential Election years for a term of four years. The Clerk takes office the second Tuesday in January following the election.