501 N. Washington
Wellington, Ks  67152
Ph. 620-326-5121

The Board of County Commissioners consists of an elected representative from each of the three districts in Sumner County. The Board meets Monday and Tuesday of each week unless it is a county designated holiday.  The meetings begin at 9:00 a.m. and are held in the County Commission Boardroom located on the first floor of the County Courthouse, 501 N. Washington, Wellington, Kansas, and are opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Appointments may be made with the County Commission beginning at 9:30 a.m. for each meeting day by contacting the County Clerk’s office at (620) 326-5121 or (620) 326-3395. The Commission conducts an open agenda meeting and all meetings are open to the public. The meetings are conducted until the conclusion of scheduled business for each day.  The County Clerk keeps the Commission agenda and Commission minutes. 
 District 1  District 2 District 3
Steve Warner
Jim Newell John Cooney
Elected November 2010 Elected November 2004 Elected November 2018
Re-elected November 2018 Re-elected November 2008  
  Re-elected November 2012  
  Re-elected November 2016  

Commission District 1 represents all those residents living in the townships of: Eden, Creek, Conway, Springdale, Illinois, Sumner, London, Seventy-Six, Wellington, Belle Plaine, Harmon, and Avon. The other Cities included within the area are Belle Plaine and Conway Springs.
Commission District 2 represents all those residents living in the townships of: Dixon, Morris, Bluff, Ryan, Chikaskia, Caldwell, Osborne, Downs, Falls, Jackson, and West of C Street in Wellington. The other Cities included within the area are Argonia, Milan, Mayfield, and Caldwell.

Commission District 3
 represents all those residents living in the townships of: Gore, Palestine, Oxford, Greene, Valverde, South Haven, Guelph, Walton, and East of C Street in Wellington. The other Cities included within the area are South Haven, that portion of Geuda Springs lying in Sumner County, Hunnewell, Oxford, and the portion of Mulvane lying in Sumner County.

Duties of the Commission

The Board of County Commission is vested by Kansas Statute 19-212 with both legislative and administrative powers and duties.

These powers and duties include the following:

  • Control of the financial affairs of the county
  • Supervision of county property
  • Levying of county taxes
  • Approval of the annual budget
  • Construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges
  • Approval of land use and zoning policies for the county
  • Issuance of bonds
  • Awarding of contracts
  • Creation of special districts
  • Setting of salaries of all county officials
  • Providing office space and supplies for all county officers and the district court
  • Designation of depositories for the County Treasurer
  • Appointment of members of various boards and commissions
  • Organization of township following statutory procedures
  • Incorporation of cities
  • The Commission also serves as the County Board of Canvassers for elections